Lo llamamos música tradicional, no lo llamamos robar

Las carcajadas de Odetta:

He then says that Dylan listened to the same songs as her, recordings of sharecroppers, workers and slaves, and “stole” from them. She says, immediately, “no no no no no, we call it folk music we don’t call it stealing.”

And then as she is trying to choose the right word (“what do we call it?” she asks herself, clearly), the interviewer offers “Appropriation?” And Odetta says: “well, we could, but we don’t” and looks back again at him for emphasis.

Odetta will have none of this property language, even though her discussion of the music is rooted in a sense of ownership in a way, ownership of her self and her experiences and her perspectives.  First, she roots what Dylan did in a social practice, she says we call it “passing on the folk tradition.”

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2 Respuestas a „Lo llamamos música tradicional, no lo llamamos robar“

  1. Liki Fumei Dice:

    We professionals have stolen an awful lot from amateurs!

    ¿Se puede discutir un statement tan honrado y profundo como éste?

  2. Gonzalo Martín Dice:

    Sí, si te llamas Luis Cobos. Ju.