Antídotos intelectuales contra la mierda de toro (liii)

Their battle reached a crescendo of absurdity as (1) a Leistungsschutzrecht was written to forbid Google et al from quoting snippets of publishers’ content; (2) the legislation was amended to allow snippets; (3) publishers sued Google anyway for using snippets, demanding 11 percent of Google’s related revenue; (4) Google said it would stop using snippets from the litigious publishers; (5) those publishers accused Google of blackmailing them for taking down the snippets the publishers were themselves using to blackmail Google; (6) government officials laughed the publishers out of the cartel office; (7) most of the publishers capitulated because they need traffic from Google; (8) Springer pulled permission to publish snippets from Die Welt and three minor sites but not from its superbrand, Bild; and (9) Springer itself capitulated after confessing it lost too much traffic from Google and arguing this demonstrated Google’s crushing market power. The publishers have succeeded in humiliating themselves, their industry, and their nation.

Jeff Jarvis, Google y los europeos. Me repito, pero es que requiere doble dosis.

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