Cien millones de dólares en impuestos

Es lo que esperan recaudar en el estado de Massachussets por la legalización de la marihuana recreativa:

According to rough estimates, taxes on recreational marijuana could generate about $65 million in revenue in the first year of sales and about $130 million in the second.

That’s a significant sum. And the state pot tax alone would more than cover the expected costs of regulating the industry. (Goldberg projects startup costs would be about $10 million, including many one-time expenses.)

El texto es interesante porque examina la complejidad (más que la complejidad, el proceso de ideación) del sistema impositivo relacionado con la substancia

Most of the other seven states where recreational marijuana is legalized impose a much heavier tax. The Legislature is expected to raise Massachusetts’ rate, even as proponents testified that doing so would allow the black market to keep flourishing.

Both House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo and Senate President Stanley C. Rosenberg are open to raising the tax rate. But Governor Charlie Baker, who ran for office in 2014 pledging not to raise taxes or fees, was decidedly more qualified Monday.

Asked whether he supports raising marijuana tax, a Baker spokeswoman said the governor believes “the tax rate should reflect the cost of implementing the new law as well as any secondary costs associated with expanded use of marijuana.”

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